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Portraiture includes a unique “Bracketing” feature that creates up to seven previews of any of 17 effects in steps, helping you to quickly dial in the strength of the effect to suit the image.


Rather than identifying facial featu
res by shapes and anchor points, Portraiture creates a mask by examining color and isolating skin tone. You can adjust this mask manually by varying the color range, feathering, opacity and more. Compared to other automatic portrait enhancement software, Portraiture‘s effects are restrained. It’s easy to go overboard with many portrait fixes, but even the strongest skin smoothing preset in Portraiture appeared subtle and natural, retaining some skin texture details. There are also presets for high-key and low-key looks. In addition to detail smoothing, you can apply sharpness, softness, warmth and other exposure corrections, either globally or to the skin tone mask areas only. Available as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. List Price: $199. Contact: Imagenomic,

Perfect Portrait 9 (shown here as part of the Perfect Photo Suite) offers 15 key adjustments for skin, colors, eyes and mouth. There are also 12 preset “Looks” and you can also save your own presets.


Available on its own or as part of onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9, Perfect Portrait includes all of the essential tools you need to smoothen skin, reduce shine, add warmth, and brighten eyes and teeth. It also incorporates a smart retouching brush that makes it easy to quickly remove spot blemishes. Several presets are available, which you can adjust with slider controls to create your own. Perfect Portrait can identify multiple faces in an image to handle group portraits, and while it does a good job of identifying facial features automatically, you can easily adjust its masks. One especially nice feature is the option to save all adjustments to a duplicate layered Photoshop (PSD) file with Perfect Portrait’s enhancements on their own layer, leaving your original untouched. List Price: $59 (Perfect Portrait 9); $149 (Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium). Contact: onOne Software,

FaceFilter3 PRO’s toolkit is presented more like a makeup artist’s than a photographer’s, with enhancements like "blushes" and "eye shadows." The workflow steps take you through import to "makeover" to facial reshaping and finally global enhancements like vignette and exposure.

Reallusion FaceFilter3 PRO

FaceFilter3 PRO is another app that uses face detection to identify where to mask adjustments. When you import an image, the software automatically detects features, then walks you through adjusting its selections for eyes, nose, mouth and facial contour. The software’s workflow is divided into six steps. After importing and adjusting the face-detection anchors, you progress through adjustments that add "Makeover" effects, such as applying skin foundation and eye makeup. Next, you move on to face reshaping, if desired, then on to global image effects like adding a vignette, adjusting color balance and similar exposure settings. The final step gives you the option to export as a JPEG or TIFF with selected enhancements applied. List Price: $79. Contact: Reallusion,

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