Software For Black & White


Created by pro photographers, Macphun’s Tonality has been designed for easy black-and-white photo processing regardless of skill level. For use as stand-alone software or as a plug-in, Tonality provides over 150 presets ranging from Dramatic and Portrait to Film Emulation. The Adaptive Exposure control lets you adjust brightness while maintaining maximum dynamic range. Toning controls offer the ability to set individual color filters to use with black-and-white toning through both Luminance and Saturation controls.

Other tools include one-click black-and-white HDR, glow control, lens blur emulation, vignettes and borders. The Pro version adds extra layers of control with layer blending modes, a zone processing system, histograms, and upgraded vignettes and borders. Mac only. List Price: $17.99 (Standard), $69.99 (Pro). Contact: Macphun,


With Perfect B&W 9, onOne Software has collected tools that are designed to correct common, specific problems and presents them in an easy-to-use visual format so that you can create your perfect black-and-white image. Available as a stand-alone app or a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements or Aperture, Perfect B&W 9 now has a wide selection of brush tools. Perfect Brush allows you to brush on an effect, maintaining edge detection with soft edges such as clouds and hair. Improved Brightness Brush, Contrast Brush and Detail Brush provide corrections in specific areas of your image. The Targeted Brightness tool controls the brightness on color-based photos and the Selective Color Brush paints color back into the photo where desired.

Additionally, the software offers customizable presets along with a Smart Photo tool. This allows for re-editing your photos while keeping your previous settings so that you can continue making changes another day. The new Noise Reduction tool now selectively reduces noise in key areas, such as shadows or highlights. Version 9 also offers printing directly from the software with live previews. List Price: $59.95. Contact: onOne Software,

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