First Look: Aperture 2


New to the Enhance adjustment is the Vibrancy slider, which is a great alternative to Saturation. Use it when you want to add punch to less-saturated colors without affecting skin tones. It’s designed to enhance without overdoing it.

All Projects View With Key Photo

Taking a cue from Apple’s iPhoto software, there’s a new All Projects view, which shows every project in your library, each represented by one Key Photo. You can set any image in a project to be the Key Photo for that project. Drag your mouse over the Key Photo, and Aperture displays each image in the project.

Viewer Only Mode

The thumbnail strip at the bottom of the workspace can now be hidden to give you a bigger view of the image on which you’re working. Switch between view options by tapping the V key.

Extended Loupe Magnification Range

The Loupe tool now offers a magnification level of 50%, making the total range of the Loupe from 50% to 1600%. Magnification level is selectable from the drop-down menu located on the Loupe itself when Use Centered Loupe is enabled.

Retouch Tool

Another big addition to the Aperture toolbox is the Retouch Tool, which offers two settings: Repair and Clone. Using Repair, you can paint texture from another part of the image without affecting the color and tonality of the destination area. Or use the Clone mode to directly copy pixels from a source point.

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