Auto FX Mystical Tint Tone And Color 2.0

Ever wonder how the pros create the cool photo effects you see on billboards and advertisements? With software plug-ins like Mystical Tint Tone and Color from Auto FX, you can replicate professional photo effects without needing any special technical skill in Photoshop.

Big Variety Of Effects

Version 2.0 offers 60 different effects, 22 of which are all-new in this version. They range from the practical (Level Adjustments) to the imaginative (Moon Glow), which you can mix and match for practically endless creative possibilities.

New Portrait Filters

A new set of eight portrait-enhancing filters make quick work of smoothing skin and adding vibrance to flesh tones, lips, eyes and hair. You even can reshape facial and body features and remove blemishes. Brush on these effects for localized control.

Effect Combos

Try hundreds of new preset effect combinations, or create your own custom combinations and save them for quick application later.

Traditional Lens Filters

Also new in Version 2.0 are Polarizer and Graduated filters to replicate the effects of these popular optical filters. Tame extreme contrast and boost skies and sunsets.

HDR Effects

Re-create the look of popular HDR techniques with this effect that creates hypersaturated tones.

Memory Dots
The Memory Dots control lets you take “snapshots” of your image at different stages of enhancement, allowing you to try different effect combinations and return to them for comparison before finalizing.

Effect Layers Palette
As you add effects to your photo, they appear in the Layers Palette. The palette gives you the ability to adjust the opacity of each effect layer individually, change their stacking order, or turn effects on and off entirely. Preview combinations of effects easily and quickly.

Localized Control With Brushes
Almost every effect in the suite can be brushed on and off, for localized application of the effect. Control the size, opacity and feather of the brush with simple slider controls.

Gradient Tool
Apply effects that fade out using this tool to define the path and direction of the gradient.

Simple Slider Controls
Effects are controlled with intuitive sliders. You don’t have to know what they do to jump in—just drag the slider and immediately preview the effect.

Ellipse Tool
Use this tool to blend or remove effects within the area of the ellipse. Each ellipse acts independently to add or subtract an effect based on your settings. This is a fast way to add localized adjustments.


System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista Mac OS X
List Price: $249 (Full Version) $129 (Upgrade)
Contact: Auto FX,

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