Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

Elements 9 Plus includes 20 GB of online storage for easy, automatic image library backups.

Another smart feature is Photomerge Style Match, which analyzes character-istics of any photo, like tone or contrast, and applies those qualities to another photo for easily replicating different styles. Also new in Elements 9 are layer masks, which allow you to reveal one portion of a photo through another photo by varying the opacity of elements within layers of the overall composition. So you can mask a portion of a layer and then reveal part of that portion to create an interesting composition of multiple subjects. Also updated is the panorama feature. After stitching together several images, Elements combines the shots and blends their edges just like in the previous version. What’s new is that the tool can fill in around jagged edges, making the image look better because there aren’t any gaps or blank spaces.


When you’re finished editing, clicking a button allows you to post photos and videos to your Facebook page. Simply select one or more images, enter an album title and description, and Elements will compress and upload content to your account with automatic posting to your Wall. Or select images in the Organizer and click the Photobook option, and Elements will prearrange the images in an attractive layout that you can print from home or upload to Kodak Picture Gallery or Shutterfly. You also can create other photo projects like scrapbook pages, calendars and cards.


Adobe offers a Plus version of Elements 9 to Windows and Mac users. It includes 20 GB of storage on for automatic online backup and sharing. This is an increase from the 2 GB allotment given in the standard version. Plus, you have access to a larger library of how-to tutorials, artwork and interactive online templates sent directly to the desktop software from within the Inspiration Browser that comes with Elements.

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