onOne Software PhotoTools 2.5


There are a couple of options for selectively applying effects. The new MaskingBrush lets you paint an effect onto a photo or protect an area from being affected. There are brushes for making parts of an image darker or lighter, with more or less color, and other adjustments such as contrast and dynamic range. Brush size, feather and opacity can all be adjusted using sliders.

The MaskingBug provides another way of adding effects in a dynamic, adjustable way. This is a concept that onOne Software first introduced in its FocalPoint app and has carried over into this program. Using the bug, you can position effects in round or square areas to create vignettes, for example, or to apply graduated effects. You can move the MaskingBug around to various parts of the image and change the size by adjusting the leg antennas. The length of the antennas also controls the strength of an effect.


The onOne Exchange is a free online resource that offers regularly updated content such as free preset downloads. Presets are easily imported into the app from the File Menu. You can also upload and share your own presets. There are more than 65 so far. Access to this online community is built directly into the PhotoTools 2.5 user interface. For additional help, there are free video tutorials on the company’s website.

Estimated Street Price: $259 (Professional); $159 (Standard); $99 (Upgrade).

Contact: onOne Software, (888) 968-1468, www.ononesoftware.com.

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