Capture One Pro 10 New Feature Walkthrough Video

Screen capture of Capture One Pro 10

Capture One Pro, the photo managing and editing tool from Phase One, offers a powerful and precise set of controls over all the phases of a photographer’s workflow. From import (including tethered capture) to output, Capture One Pro 10 is designed to manage the entire photographic process.

While Lightroom is the most popular all-in-one photo management tool, it’s not right for every photographer. With the untimely death of Apple’s Aperture, Capture One Pro stands with Lightroom as the primary tools for the photographer looking to control their workflow.

In this video walkthrough, Phase One’s David Grover walks through the features that set Capture One Pro apart from Lightroom and shows off the newest features in Capture One Pro 10. We talk about the new speed of the Capture One Pro 10 RAW engine, the differences between Lightroom and Capture One Pro’s interface, the new sharpening tools, and more.

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