Apps For Travelers


Keep all your flight, hotel, car transportation and meeting information in one place with WorldMate. By simply forwarding your confirmation information to the app, WorldMate organizes a complete itinerary for you to share publicly on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or privately with friends, family and coworkers. In addition to the minute-by-minute information, WorldMate also provides flight alerts, hotel recommendations based on previous travel, online check-in, weather forecasts and a currency converter. List Price: Free. Contact: WorldMate,


So far, over 1 million travelers have shared 500,000 points of interest from 50,000 cities around the world, including restaurants, hotels and museum routes, using the photo- and video-sharing app Minube. Search the database for specific criteria—subject, color, distance, amount of time—and keep track of your desired experiences by creating a list. Then share your new discoveries with the rest of the Minube community. List Price: Free (with in-app purchases dependent on location). Contact: Minube,

City Maps 2Go

For world travelers who want to ensure reliable map information regardless of WiFi connectivity, City Maps 2Go has you covered. The app provides detailed street maps and addresses for restaurants, hotels, attractions, stores and other points of interest—all stored on your device so they’re searchable even without an Internet connection. Pin your favorite places (or your hotel for quick reference), create lists of places to go and sync your data between your devices. The free version provides maps to five destinations, while the Pro version gives unlimited access worldwide. List Price: Free; Pro ($2.99). Contact: Ulmon,


In photography, between scouting, setting up equipment and working with natural light, timing is incredibly important. When you’re traveling in a new city, even more factors play into timing. The Embark app for iPhone helps manage city navigation with step-by-step instructions so you can get to your location smoothly. Using real-time information about late trains, closures and advisories, Embark gives you the best estimate as to when your train will arrive and what your schedule will look like. Embark continues to work without an Internet or a cellular connection while you’re underground in a metro system. Currently available for 10 transit systems, including Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco and Washington D.C., Embark is continuing to expand. List Price: Free. Contact: Embark,

Mileage Log+

Formerly known as the app Trip Cubby, Mileage Log+ has gotten an upgrade. This app is a particular convenience for photographers tracking mileage for reimbursement or tax-deduction purposes. The app features auto-entry and auto-calculation, and saves frequent trips to reduce filing time, as well as quickly sorts and filters with customizable categories and reimbursement rates. Created keeping IRS compliance in mind, the app can also compile Excel-compatible email reports with both PDF and CSV attachments. List Price: $9.99. Contact: Contrast,

Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker provides a flat-view compass and an augmented reality 3D camera view showing the sun’s path superimposed over the live image, with rise and set times, solar direction for each daylight hour and solstice paths. Handy for advance location shoot planning, set the date and the app will show the path for any place on earth. Or point your smartphone at the subject, and the app will show you where the sun is relative to it, regardless of clouds, walls or ceilings. List Price: $6.99 (Sun Seeker Pro); Free (Sun Seeker Lite). Contact: Ozpda,

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a striking weather app made possible through the backing of Kickstarter supporters. Using GPS, Dark Sky provides minute-by-minute forecasts for your location up to an hour in advance. Alerts will let you know when rain is about to hit your location, allowing you to take necessary safety precautions. Or, if you’re an active storm chaser, follow the smooth radar animation to track the storm’s movement. List Price: $3.99. Contact: Dark Sky,

Tide Graph

Unpredictable tides can make capturing seaside images elusive and dangerous. The Tide Graph app helps you determine the timing of the currents, with interactive graphs displaying high- and low-tide times, tide levels and rates of change using the same algorithm as the National Weather Service. Choose from past and future dates, and save the graphs for future reference without an Internet connection. The app also lists sunrise, sunset and moonlight graphs. Estimated Street Price: $1.99. Contact: Brainware,

Commander Compass

Commander Compass is designed to work where traditional GPS apps fail. The app uses every sensor—GPS, digital compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, speedometer—to turn your iOS devices into powerful navigation tools. Find your location on a street, satellite or hybrid map, and track the position of stars, the sun and the moon to previsualize your sunrise, sunset and night photography shots. List Price: $3.99; Free (Lite version). Contact: Happymagenta,


Postagram makes it easy to send friends and family personalized postcards using your own photos while you travel. Postagram creates a physical postcard on thick, glossy paper at 300 dpi resolution that’s delivered directly to your loved one’s mailbox. Cards are $0.99 per card with U.S. postage or $1.99 per card with foreign postage. Contact: Sincerely,

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