ACDSee Photo Studio Mac 7 Is An Affordable Lightroom Alternative

ACD Systems adds more features to its budget priced digital asset management software for Apple users
Screenshot of ACDSee Photo Studio Mac 7
One of the downsides of having such a capable and easy-to-use photo manager like Apple Photos included on Mac computers is that not a lot of third-party imaging software developers are motivated to make their products available for MacOS. There’s Adobe’s Lightroom, of course, but other less expensive options are limited. One company that... Read more

App Spotlight: Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera is a fun and creative image editing experience for mobile artists
Sample effects from Adobe Photoshop Camera
Adobe’s Photoshop Camera app for smartphones takes a few elements from the full Photoshop desktop program and flips them on their head to produce a fun and creative image editing experience for mobile artists. Or, in other words, if you were expecting this app to be Photoshop on your phone, you’ll likely be disappointed. On the other hand,... Read more

Add Some Style With Exposure X5

This subscription-free alternative to Lightroom offers RAW processing plus many film simulation looks to spur creativity
The imaging software landscape is still dominated by Adobe’s Lightroom and as much as we appreciate that ubiquitous editor and organizer, there are a few things we don’t like: namely, Adobe’s hefty subscription pricing. The good news is there are several cheaper but still solid alternatives to Lightroom that you can own outright for a one-time... Read more

App Spotlight: Visionn

This quirky filter app gives photos the look of paintings or graphic novel illustrations
Portrait processed by Visionn app
It’s easy to go overboard with photo filters, but the right filter can kick an image up a notch or take it in a new creative direction. There’s a ton of photo filter apps available and one we’ve been playing with recently, Visionn for iPhone and iPad, allows you to give your photos a painterly or graphic novel style. It’s a great choice for... Read more

PortraitPro 18 Review

Looking for a faster method of retouching portraits? This software package from Anthropics Technology can help.
Review: PortraitPro 18
When shooting portraits, even a flawless face needs a little post-process retouching—especially if you can’t afford to hire a professional make-up artist. Retouching portraits can be tedious, time-consuming work, taking up precious hours that you’d rather spend behind the camera. Pretty much any image-editing software can handle the tasks of making... Read more

Lightroom CC: The Truth Is In The Cloud

An Adobe Lightroom rant, but in praise of it
Adobe Lightroom CC
Look, anyone surprised by Adobe supposedly killing the pro version of Lightroom (now named Classic) and launching a cloud version hasn’t been paying attention. There’s so much going on in tech, photography and the world, in general, I won’t blame you if you haven’t noticed. I did because it’s my job and I’ve been using a prerelease version... Read more

Capture One Pro 10 New Feature Walkthrough Video

Interested in Capture One Pro? This video shows the key features as well as the tools added with Capture One Pro 10
Screen capture of Capture One Pro 10
Capture One Pro, the photo managing and editing tool from Phase One, offers a powerful and precise set of controls over all the phases of a photographer’s workflow. From import (including tethered capture) to output, Capture One Pro 10 is designed to manage the entire photographic process. While Lightroom is the most popular all-in-one photo management... Read more

Managing Your Archive

Best practices to organize and protect your photo library

Every time I enter my office, I have to walk around a row of file cabinets. Meticulously captioned, labeled and organized are nearly 150,000 slides. Blood, sweat and tears went into creating that database of chromes. How times have changed! Next to my row of file cabinets is an 8 TB RAID drive with nearly 200,000 images—four years of images packed... Read more

Software For Portraits

Focused tools to simplify and automate the fine art of portrait retouching

For some photographers, retouching portraits in Photoshop is part of the fun. For others, especially pros working through large image sets from multiple portrait sittings, retouching can become a grinding chore. If manual retouching sounds like all work and no play, consider investing in software that specializes in streamlining common portrait corrections.... Read more

Software For Black & White

Seven popular applications for converting your color images to monochrome

Though any good photo editor will include tools for black-and-white conversion, plug-ins and specialty apps go a step further for more control and additional special effects that can add an extra creative dimension to your images if you do a lot of black-and-white work. Here are some of the most popular apps with specialized capabilities for black-and-white... Read more