By Michelle Vantine

Tackling Saved Ideas


As a photographer, I'm often inspired but rushing back and forth between shoots, emailing on-the-go and dodging the question "but have you eaten!?" Who has time? Needless to say, I have not had the time to open my "ideas to try" folder and tackled them. Last month, with over $19k of contracts canceled I had extra time and decided to tackle one which I had wanted to try for my skincare client. I put music on, dripped oil, carefully placed herbs with tweezers, sliced fruit and styled a shot that I had been wanting to produce for some time now. The image was SO successful that the company (who is in Ulta, Whole Food, Urban Outfitters, has been featured on Shark Tank, Cosmo, Forbes etc.) loved it so much that they are re-designing their packaging to use it on every product label and, they hired me for a suite of that same concept for other scents of that item. It turns out that having a little more time was just what I needed.

Date Added
May 21, 2020