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First Place



By Ryan Devereux

“This image was part of a series of
images that I did recently based on mod-
ern masculinity,” explains Ryan Devereux. “The model in this image is my good friend and talented musician, Andy Kirwan. This is one in a series of four images that attempt to open a dialogue about modern masculinity and how we represent ourselves as men. I asked each of my subjects to think about how they wanted to be represented visually, and then it was my job to make that idea happen.

“It was a difficult image to achieve, as I didn’t have any studio lighting to use—basically, the lighting setup was two household lamps! The photo was taken in my living room at the time, with the help of my housemates who moved a lot of furniture around late at night, so a big thanks to them. I shot handheld at a 1/13 shutter speed, so I was delighted with the level of sharpness that was achieved.”
Canon EOS 550D, Canon EF 50mm ƒ/1.4 USM


Second Place


Best Friends

By Aubrey Dettmer

Aubrey Dettmer recalls, “My daughter Claire and her cousin Molly were born a few weeks apart, but seemed uninterested in each other. They would stare or poke and then play alone. They learned to stand around the same time. On this occasion, they studied each other, but didn’t lose interest. Realizing they were both standing, they hugged and fell over in a fit of giggles. They laughed like lifelong best friends.

“Some people have told me that this photo makes them smile because it reminds them of their best friend, that they felt like they should pick up the phone and call her. Me, too.”

Canon EOS 6D, Sigma 35mm ƒ/1.4 DG HSM | A


Third Place


Spikelets and silver

by Serg Tisso

Serg Tisso created this photo in collaboration with stylist Natalia Melnikova. “It was her idea,” notes the photographer. “Natalia loves to invent unusual hats and headpieces, and I enjoy creating portraits that feature them. As always, in our work together, all that was needed from me were moral support and my ability to take pictures. Natalia’s daughter, Sofia, was our model. This wasn’t our first collaboration, so everything went smoothly. We were so excited to work on this project that, just one week after the birth of the idea, we had a finished photograph.”
Nikon D800, AF-S NIKKOR 50mm ƒ/1.8G, Nikon SB-900 Speedlight with softbox and reflector


People’s Choice Winner



By Marianna Armata

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