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Funny Photos: Winners of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Hilarious photographs of animals from photographers around the world
Comedy Wildlife Awards 2022 Overall Winner

There’s wildlife photography and then there’s funny wildlife photography. The former is well covered territory, important photographs made by serious photographers focused on showcasing nature’s majesty for the likes of National Geographic and Outdoor Photographer. But then there are those other kinds of photographs, the ones short on majesty and long on awkwardness and laughter. These photographs might be the outtakes from an otherwise serious photo shoot, but thankfully the photographers recognized the humor in these odd animal photographs, as well as the joy they bring.

Enter the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Now in its eighth year, the free competition (open to amateurs and professionals alike) showcases the best of the funniest photographs of animals around the globe, captured by photographers from all over the world. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has a simple mission: to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and to promote wildlife conservation. (Read more about the organization’s conservation mission at its website.)

The 2023 competition is open now, with entries accepted until August 27, 2023. It’s free to enter at

And now without further ado, here are the newly announced winners of the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

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