These Are the Hilarious Winners of the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Highly Commended Winners

Photo of two bears dancing
“Let’s dance” by Andy Parkinson. “Two Kamchatka bear cubs square up for a celebratory play fight having successfully navigated a raging torrent (small stream!)”
Photo of two fish yelling at each other
“See who jumps high,” by Chu han lin. “Mudskipper, Taiwan.”
Photo of an eagle crashing into a tree
“Majestic and Graceful Bald Eagle” by David Eppley. “Bald Eagles will use the same nest for years, even decades, adding new material to it at the beginning and throughout the nesting season. Normally, they are highly skilled at snapping branches off of trees while in flight. Possibly tired from working nonstop all morning on a new nest, this particular Bald Eagle wasn’t showing its best form. Yes, sometimes they miss. Although this looks painful, and it might very well be, the eagle recovers with just a few sweeping wing strokes, and choses to rest a bit before making another lumber run.”
Photo of a green lizard
“The Green Stylist” by Gurumoorthy K. “Indian chameleon, Western Ghats.”
Photo of a monkey hugging a tree
“Treehugger” by Jakub Hodan. “This Proboscis monkey could be just scratching its nose on the rough bark, or it could be kissing it. Trees play a big role in the lives of monkeys. Who are we to judge…”

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