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Sony Expands ‘Alpha Female+’ Photography Grant Program

12 women photographers and videographers will receive $5,000, plus $3,000 in gear

Since today marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which provided women with the ability to vote as well as with new opportunities to affect our democracy in countless ways, I thought I’d highlight a relatively new grant competition, Sony’s Alpha Female+ (or Female Plus) program, which is targeted at women photographers and videographers. Such grant programs and competitions can be great opportunities for winning content creators to get their work out in the public eye. 

According to Sony, one of the primary goals of the Sony Alpha Female program was to produce a “community of diverse creators rallying around common goals of inclusion and representation.” But with the extraordinary events of 2020 to “amplify the voices for these goals, change how we work, create and stay connected, it’s time for the Alpha Female program to evolve.”

This year, Sony has expanded the program, rebranding it “Alpha Female+,” and increased the number of grants and sponsored projects, and more opportunities to engage and connect. Sony says, “With a renewed commitment to our goal of providing resources and a platform to creators of all genders to further the female and minority perspective in photography, videography, and film, Alpha Female+ is poised to reach and support more people than ever.”

Twelve $5,000 Project-Based Grants

Sony said it is increasing the number of grants to include twelve $5,000 project-based grants. Additionally, each grant winner will also receive $3,000 In Sony Equipment as well as Adobe software to edit with. “If you have a photo or video project idea that you believe in,” says Sony, “we want to help you bring it to life. We will be awarding 12 grants to 12 photographers or videographers that demonstrate a clear vision and purpose of a project that supports the Alpha Female+ mission and can be completed in one month.”

While Sony expanded the number of winners, it has reduced the amount of those cash prizes: In 2018, winners received “$25,000 in funds, $5,000 in product allowance, an additional $5,000 in product loans.” Nevertheless, the grant program is prestigious and is a great opportunity to get your project noticed.

Additional Opportunity For Filmmakers

Sony also said that it has partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Gemstone Studios for its new Rising Storyteller Search. This competition “aims to discover the next great voice in filmmaking. If you’re a filmmaker ready to be discovered, this is the perfect opportunity to make yourself known. Submissions are open now until September 21, 2020.”

Applying To The Program

Applications are open now for both. However, you’ll need to have or create an Alpha universe account.

Visit Sony’s Alpha Female Plus webpage to apply or check out program’s FAQ section for more information. Sony says rolling submissions will be accepted until February 2, 2021. Grant winners will be announced every two weeks beginning mid-late September.

Filmmakers should visit the Rising Storytellers Search website to find out more about this program.  

For additional information, go to Sony’s Alpha Female Plus 2020 home page.

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