Multiblitz Studio Lighting Introduces Lightest LED Light For Photography In North America

Baltimore, MD – November 14, 2014 – Multiblitz USA, LLC – the US headquarters of premium German studio lighting manufacturer, Multiblitz – introduces today the V6 LED light for photography and videography to the North American market.

The Multiblitz V6 LED Light is the first LED light released by the German manufacturer. Weighing 3.0 lbs and producing a 6000 lm luminous flux,the V6 combines modern design with innovative technology. It features one of the most advanced LED modules available with a color temperature of4000 K that generates 2200 lux @ 6 ft. The high luminous efficacy of85 lm/W and LED lifetime of 50,000 hours, make the V6 an energy efficient and long lasting lighting tool. Flicker-­free light output is controlled over 2.5 f-stops (1/2 f-stop steps). Equipped with a silencer fan, the V6is also suited for videography with sound recordings.

All Multiblitz and third-party light modifiers with P-type adapter rings are compatible with the V6, providing countless light-shaping possibilities. The built-in multi-voltage technology allows worldwide usage between 90-260 V and allows up to 2.5 h operation with PROPAC power packs for outdoor photo/video shoots.

“With the ongoing fusion of photography and videography we decided it was time for an extremely lightweight and portable LED product that utilizes a variety of light modifiers. The V6 weighs just 3 lbs, at least one pound less than comparable products,” said Falk Wulms, managing director of Multiblitz.”It creates a very soft light and guarantees a flattering color rendition at a slightly warmer color temperature. It’s a really easy to use light,straightforward plug—and—play. The twist is that you can use all Multiblitz P-type light modifiers on the V6.”

The V6 is either available as a single unit or in a kit. The delivery contents of the V6 LED Light include a multi-voltage power supply unit and barn doors. The V6 Starter Kit comes with a 28″ Octabox (M-OCTA-70), a light stand, and a soft carrying case.

Availability & Pricing
The V6 LED Light (V6) and the V6 LED Starter Kit (V6KIT-?A) will be exclusively available in the US at the Multiblitz USA online store starting on December 1, 2014 and are priced at$799 & $1,149 (US) respectively. For market introduction the prices will be reduced to $699 (V6) & $1,049 (V6-?KIT-­A) during December 2014. Shipping included.

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