Meyer-Optik Adds Final Lens To Trioplan Trilogy Series

Meyer-Optik lenses
Meyer-Optik-Görlitz has begun production of the Trioplan 35+ F/2.8 Fine Art wide-angle lens, the final optic in the Trioplan trilogy. The 35mm joins the Trioplan 50mm F/2.9 and 100mm F/2.8 lenses, with a “Soap Bubble Bokeh” known for unique rendering and color display. The Trioplan 35+ will be the first wide-angle to feature this beautiful bokeh.

Meyer-Optik lenses
Photo by Firat Bagdu

As with its previous crowdsourcing efforts, Meyer-Optik has created a Kickstarter campaign for the Trioplan 35+, with an original goal of $50,000. That has been surpassed, with more than $325,000 pledged so far. For $649, backers will receive a first copy of the lens as an early bird reward for their support.

Designed for a variety of photographic applications, from portraits and street photography, to landscapes and macro work, the manual-focus lens features an anodized aluminum housing and specially coated glass from Schott and Ohara, with 12 aperture blades. The lens will be available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Fuji X, Micro Four Thirds, M42, Pentax-K, Leica M and Leica L mounts.

A relatively new company (2014), Meyer-Optik-Görlitz has revived the original Trioplan lenses that were developed by Meyer-Optik in Germany in 1916, and construction was based on the Cooke-Triplet lens. The Trioplan 35+ is a brand-new lens, based on the Cooke-Triplet design. All Meyer-Optik lenses are designed and made by hand in Germany.

Meyer-Optik lenses
ABOVE: Photos showing the production of the Trioplan 50mm, which is currently shipping to Kickstarter supporters.

The Trioplan 50mm F/2.9 ($1,499) and Trioplan 100mm F/2.8 ($1,599) are available now.

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