Lightroom Mobile For iOS Updates To 1.3

Adobe recently updated the Lightroom Mobile app for iOS to version 1.3, adding a few new features of interest. If you use the app to process images, you’ll now be able to copy and paste enhancements from one photo to another—a big time-saver if you’re color correcting multiple shots taken under the same lighting conditions, for example.

Another nice new feature is Presentation Mode, which allows you to let others look through your photos, but without the ability to change ratings, flags and adjustments accidentally. Note that these features are iOS-only at present. The Android version of the app has not yet received these updates.

Lightroom Mobile syncs with Lightroom 5 on your desktop, giving you the ability to access and enhance your photos anywhere. It’s available as a free download, but requires Adobe Lightroom 5 and a subscription to either the Creative Cloud Photography plan or the Creative Cloud Photoshop Photography Program.

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