Leaked Photos Show Apple iPhone 11 Could Have 3 Lenses

Leaked photo of Apple iPhone 11, which appeared on the BRG website.

The iPhone 11 is said to be released in September, with possible camera improvements. 

According to leaked photos posted on BGR, a tech gadgets website, the iPhone 11 could be replacing the dual-lens configuration with a triple-lens configuration. So what does that mean, besides three camera bumps instead of two?  

In the most simple terms, a triple-lens configuration could provide improvements: There could be better camera features as well as AR enhancements. For instance, a triple-lens camera could have the ability to include sharpened 3D sensing for photos and video in augmented-reality apps. In addition, the camera could also have better performance in low light and 3x optical-zoom capabilities. 

The front-facing camera may also see a revamp. 

Rumors suggest the front-facing TrueDepth camera system may have a smaller notch and three cameras. You can expect the front-facing cameras to be approximately 7 megapixels higher than the 2018 iPhone models. 

We’ll know more about the new iPhone camera features on the new models when Apple announces them. Stay tuned.

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