Henry's Announces Drone Safety And Training Event

TORONTO, Oct. 27, 2015 /CNW/ – On November 13, 2015, at its 119 Church Street flagship location, Henry’s will host a day of education around the topic of Drone Safety and Training. This event is designed to provide the public with a general understanding of sUAV (Small Un-Manned Aerial Vehicle also known as “drones”) and the safety and privacy issues surrounding them. This free event is open to anyone interested in learning more about this rapidly growing imaging category. Seminars begin at 1 pm and online registration is required at www.henrys.com/Droneography-In-Toronto.aspx.

“Drones” are becoming one of the foremost emerging global technologies. With an unlimited number of applications including fire/rescue, law enforcement, agriculture, surveying, wildlife management, real estate, utility management, and visual arts, drones are capturing imaginations around the world.

Presenters representing drone operators in the GTA, Transport Canada, Goldstein Photography, Corbin Visual, and Sundance Media Group will be demonstrating drones inside the Henry’s Drone Cage installed in the store for indoor drone flight.

Henry’s has created a department and hired professionals to manage this new, creative platform known as “Droneography.” According to Henry’s CEO Gillian Stein, “This event is the launchpad of our new Droneography department. Henry’s recognizes the importance of education and responsibility with these new tools that our photography and videography customers are using in their creative workflow.”

Droneography categorizes cameras mounted to drones, allowing for new viewpoints and creative efforts for photographers and videographers. Images taken with the aerial camera are monitored over smartphones or tablets connected to the remote controller handled by the drone operator. “These camera-mounted platforms are artistic and commercial tools that fit into a wide variety of industries,” said Carainn Buchalter, Henry’s VP of Marketing.

“We are thrilled to host some of Toronto’s best droneographers at our event who will share their experiences, tips, and tricks for best practices in this emerging field. We are happy that Transport Canada understands the value of directly connecting with practitioners of this new artform, and will be with us presenting at our event,” says Douglas Spotted Eagle, Henry’s Category Sales Manager for aerial camera platforms.

Henry’s goal is to bring this technology not only to the photo/video world, but also to the industrial mapping, law enforcement, sport-coaching, real-estate, and other communities.

Visit www.henrys.com.

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