Apple's New Photos Released To Developers

Apple today released the first beta of OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite to developers, and with it, the new Photos app for OS X. Last June, Apple announced (to the dismay of yours truly and I guess a small handful of others) that it would be ceasing development of its professional photo editing app Aperture, and releasing the new Photos app to replace both Aperture and iPhoto. Photos promises tight integration with iPhones and iPads and takes advantage of the cloud with the new iCloud Photo Library.

As far as editing tools go, iPhoto users are getting an upgrade, and Aperture users are getting a downgrade. At least in this first beta release, the tools are definitely an improvement over iPhoto, but Aperture users will notice a lot has been removed or dramatically simplified. It’s too early to say definitively that Photos will be a disappointment for pros and advanced enthusiasts, but there’s no question that Photos is targeted at amateurs, not pros. Probably most of you have switched to Adobe Lightroom by now, anyway.

Dan Seifert of the tech website The Verge posted a quick overview video that will give you a good sense of what Photos does in its current iteration:

Several other early reports were posted online today. These are from some of my favorite sites that cover Apple news and rumors:




Apple also updated their site with an expanded preview of the new app:

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