Adobe Temporarily Removes $10 Option For Creative Cloud Plan, Angering Photographers

Adobe Temporarily Removes $10 Option For Creative Cloud Plan Angering Photographers

Adobe had angered many photographers yesterday when they learned the company had seemingly changed its cloud pricing plan by eliminating the $9.99 per month option so that the cheapest option photographers and content creators could select was now $19.99 per month, according to reports from Petapixel. Petapixel also notes that Adobe has offered this since 2013.

However, today, one day since the story broke, Adobe has added the $9.99 a month option back on its Creative Cloud plan page.

In effect, Adobe seemed to be doubling the monthly subscription fee it charges for the service, which includes Photoshop and Lightroom.  Photographers were understandably angry. On’s Facebook page, photographers voiced their anger. One photographer noted, “No way. When my yearly subscription is up for renewal in November, I am going to have to assess whether to stay on or not. Hope enough of us send them a very STRONG message that an increase is unacceptable.” Another simply commented, “I’ll be testing the cancellation of said plan.”

One positive takeaway from this story for photographers is that there is, in fact, power in numbers. It appears Adobe, like most technology companies, cares about how it’s perceived in the marketplace.

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