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7 Stunning Winners in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards 2022

Winning photos showcase unique perspectives on the natural world
Photo of seagull and sharks

The European Wildlife Photographer the Year Awards announced their 2022 winners and, as usual, there are some stunning images of the natural world. We’ve included seven of the winning photos in this story plus a finalist that caught our eye, which we’ve posted at the top of this story. That image, which was a runner-up in the “Underwater World” category, is by Borut Furlan and shows “hunters in two worlds.”

The overall winner was Mike Korostelev for his otherworldly photo titled “Hippo World,” which we’ve included below. Read the caption under the image where Korostelev explains the backstory behind this incredible shot. Here’s what Sabine Riewenherm, one of the organizers of the European Wildlife Photographer the Year Awards, had to say about the winning image.

“The winning photo ‘Hippo World’ by Mike Korostelev from Russia was taken in South Africa,” Riewenherm said.

“The animals and their habitat literally merge into one. The animals of up to 3.5 meters and three tons appear light, almost weightless. Their bright gaze suggests they have adjusted to the camera, its nothing that would be acutely dangerous to them. Quite contrary to the threats that hippos encounter daily: their habitat is diminishing. They are hunted for their meat; their teeth are often traded as a substitute for elephant ivory. It is therefore no surprise that the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has classified their population of 125 000 to 147 000 animals worldwide as endangered. All the more Mike Korostelev’s award points the way – to more aesthetic pictures and a sensitive approach to nature, not only when it comes to endangered species, but in the world, in Europe, at your doorstep.”

The European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards is sponsored by the German Society for Nature Photographers. See a gallery of all the winning images and many of the finalists and runners-up in the 2022 Awards here. You can see last year’s winners here.


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