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17 Hilarious Winners of the 2021 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Funny images show our furry friends at their most adorable
Photo of a dog in the sand
“Ostrich style” by Manel Subirats Ferrer. “Little Nuka playing hide and seek one day at the beach”
Photo of two dogs
“Nosy Neighbor” by Colin Doyle. “According to Ozzy we need a new fence panel ASAP. He is fed up with Chester our nosy next door neighbour spying on him every time he has a meal.”
Photo of two dogs in the snow
“A Warm Spot on a Cold Day” by Corey Seeman. “Two of the morning regulars at the dog park are Gary (hound mix with the jacket) and Kona – who is one of the most chill dogs ever. Got this picture of Gary finding a warm place to sit on this cold winter’s day – February 9th, 2021.”
Photo of a cat splat
“So what?” by Lucy Slater. “Vincent the cat..This is how I like to sit!”

Photo of a dog photo bomb 2
“Photo bomb” by Mollie Cheary. “Bailey was so excited to see her friends, she couldn’t sit still for a photo!”

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