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15 of the Wildest Photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

Winners chosen from over 50,000 entries from 95 countries
Photo of a snake eating a gekko
Behavior: Amphibians & Reptiles – Highly Commended: Wei Fu had set out to photograph birds near his home when the croaking and hissing of a red-spotted tokay gecko caught his attention. He watched the drama for nearly five minutes until the golden tree snake eventually squeezed the gecko to death.
Photo of a black panther
Animal Portraits – Highly Commended: Hearing reports of a rare black leopard, Will Burrard-Lucas worked with guides, landowners, researchers and the local people who first saw it, to position camera traps. Soon he got his first image, ‘a pair of eyes surrounded by inky darkness’, one of many obtained over the next year.
Photo of a bird and trees
15-17 Years – Winner: Lasse Kurkela wanted to give a sense of scale in his photograph of the Siberian jay, tiny among the old-growth spruce-dominated forest. He used pieces of cheese to get the jays accustomed to his remotely controlled camera and to encourage them along a particular flight path.

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