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15 of the Wildest Photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

Winners chosen from over 50,000 entries from 95 countries
Photo of a lion eating
Animal Portraits – Highly Commended: Lara Jackson spotted this female lion as it leapt upon a wildebeest. As she watched, the big cat began to eat its still-struggling prey. From a distance, Lara managed to capture the moment the lioness looked up at her with a piercing gaze, crimson blood dripping from its muzzle.
Photo of two ravens
Behavior Birds – Winner: It was midwinter, the start of the ravens’ breeding season. Shane Kalyn lay on the frozen ground using the muted light to capture the detail of the ravens’ iridescent plumage against the contrasting snow to reveal this intimate moment when their thick black bills came together.
Photo of a spider close up
Behavior: Invertebrates – Winner: Gil Wizen discovered this spider under loose bark. Any disturbance might have caused the spider to abandon its project, so he took great care. ‘The action of the spinnerets reminded me of the movement of human fingers when weaving,’ Gil says.

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