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Using Vimeo For Video Backup

cloud storage
Looking for a great way to display your videos online? Vimeo is a high-quality option. Almost every video shooter understands that if you want something to look its best online, Vimeo is a tremendous option for maximum quality. Better still, Vimeo offers an unlimited amount of storage space, whether you’re subscribing to the free Basic plan or whether you’re a Plus member paying the nominal monthly fee. There are weekly upload limits, but those, too, can be increased with Pro or Business accounts. Best of all, when you upload a full-resolution, uncompressed video in, say, ProRes format, Vimeo will keep that original file for you prior to generating the various versions that it displays online. What this means in practice is that you can sign up for Vimeo and use the service to share your videos with friends, and by uploading uncompressed versions of your videos, Vimeo’s servers become more like a cloud storage device for master files.

cloud storage

It’s true that Vimeo suggests uploading video files with specific compression settings, but that’s more of a function of making a video that works well with their site and doesn’t take too long to upload. The company also suggests uploading the highest-quality, least compressed version of your video that you can, as the company is going to reformat and compress every video uploaded to the surface prior to displaying it online. That means you can upload uncompressed master video files as long as you’ve got the bandwidth to make the upload go. Even if you don’t choose to send uncompressed files, you may prefer to store slightly compressed master files to make the cloud upload more efficient. Either way, in the end you’ll see a high-quality version of your video online, and the service will always keep your original master file as well. How great is that?

If you’re looking for a simple solution for backup of your high-quality master video files, consider Vimeo. Not only does the service make it easy to view and share videos, it acts as a high-quality cloud archive, as well.

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