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Set Up “My Menu” on Nikon and Canon DSLRs

Never get lost in a cluttered camera menu again thanks to My Menu customization.
My Menu 3

Tired of searching through the acres and acres of menu options on your DSLR? Instead of scrolling around through countless options until you find the item you’re looking for, set up My Menu to put your most-often used items all in one place. For me, that’s Format Card, Image Quality, Custom White Balance and Custom Shooting Modes. It’s one of the easiest customizations you can make to your DSLR to make it easier and faster to navigate the menus. Here’s how to set them up on Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

With a Canon EOS camera, My Menu Settings appears all by its lonesome on its own screen. When you hit the menu button on the back of the camera and scroll to the right, to the heading indicated by a star, you’ll find it. For Nikon cameras, if your my Menu tab isn’t already on the left navigation bar, hit the Menu button and scroll down to the Recent Settings tab, then look for Choose Tab and select My Menu. This will place an icon for My Menu on the navigation bar.

My Menu 2

To add up to 20 items to a customized My Menu on Nikon cameras, scroll to My Menu and click Add Items. A list of available items will appear. To add them, scroll to highlight an item and click OK to add it. Some menu items can’t be added; they will be indicated by a box with a strikethrough next to it.

Canon users can customize their My Menu by clicking on My Menu Settings, then choosing Register to My Menu. A list of available options will appear, encompassing basically all of the items from all of the camera’s menus. Highlight the one you want and press the Set button to add it to your list. You can add up to six items to My Menu. Some Canon cameras—the 5Ds and 5DsR, as well as the 7D Mark II—have the option of making multiple My Menus, so you can have up to 30 customized menu items.

My Menu 1


Both camera platforms allow you to sort and rank the menu items. On a Canon, click the Sort heading in the My Menu Settings menu, then click on menu items and use the scroll wheels to reorder the list. Nikon cameras call this Rank Items, but the process works in much the same way.

Lastly, if you decide you want to remove an item from your customized menu, it’s easy. Canon camera users choose My Menu Settings, then choose Delete Item/Items. Select the item you want to get rid of and click Set and confirm the deletion. On a Nikon camera’s My Menu, scroll to Remove Menu Items. Select the item you want to remove, then click the multi selector to the right to put a check mark next to the item. Then press OK, confirm the deletion and get back to building the perfect customized My Menu. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll find your customized My Menu will eliminate all that hunting through menus to find the item you’re looking for.

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