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Reset Photoshop’s Default Save Location

Restore Photoshop’s ability to save files to your local hard drive rather than in the cloud by default

Help! Photoshop suddenly wants me to save all of my photos to the Creative Cloud instead of on my computer. Has this happened to you too? It’s no coincidence, and it’s happening to lots of photographers. Starting with its 23.3.2 update, Photoshop defaults to saving all image files in the cloud rather than locally on the computer. But fear not, those of you who prefer keeping your friends close and your image files closer. You can change the settings to tell Photoshop that you liked the default save location the way it used to be. Here’s how to revert Photoshop’s default save location from the cloud to your computer.

First, open Photoshop’s Preferences, found under the Edit menu, and click on the File Handling heading. Near the top of this window, you’ll see File Saving Options, under which you’ll find options for Image Previews, File Extension and the one we’re looking for, Default File Location.

If you’ve installed the recent updates, you’ll see here that Photoshop has set itself to use the Adobe Creative Cloud as the Default File Location. But by clicking on the words Creative Cloud, you’ll access a dropdown menu containing one other option: On Your Computer. Click this to set your computer as the default location for Photoshop to save files.

While you’re here, you’ll notice right next to this option is a checkbox called “Enable Legacy ‘Save As.’” This is another option many photographers may want to adjust as it determines whether Photoshop will use the same style of “Save As” menu as it long has or whether it defaults to a new approach of saving every file as a copy, thereby creating a new document. This change was made in an effort to help photographers keep from accidentally saving over an existing file, but it adds an extra step that isn’t always wanted.

When it comes to getting Photoshop to handle file saving the way it long has—instead of making copies and saving them to the cloud—the File Handling section in preferences holds the solution to Photoshop’s default save location.

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