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How To Digitize Film Without A Scanner

Get better quality, and do it faster and easier, by shooting negatives and transparencies with a camera and film-digitizing adapter
How To Digitize Film Without A Scanner
Scanning film is tedious, time-consuming and expensive, and the results don’t always seem worth the effort. But since most photographers these days are armed with high-resolution digital cameras, that opens up a faster, easier and more affordable option to digitize film—and the results are outstanding. It’s the Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter,... Read more

Sensor Cleaning Best Practices

Safe and effective techniques for getting dust off a camera sensor
Sensor Cleaning Best Practices
Mirrorless cameras are missing one thing: the mirror. Sure, not having a swinging mirror in the body enables all sorts of things, including smaller bodies, lower weights, fewer moving parts, live-view electronic viewfinders, etc. Unfortunately, it also allows dust and dirt to more easily come into contact with the sensor. So, as I recently discovered... Read more

Spot Healing Brush Options

Content Aware, Proximity Match and Create Texture. Which one should you use?
Spot Healing Brush Options
If there’s one Photoshop tool that makes an impact on almost every image I shoot, it’s the spot healing brush. This tool is as close to a magic fix as anything in the application. Simply click it on a spot in your image you want to eliminate, and voila, like magic, Photoshop makes that spot disappear. It’s perfect for repairing blemishes, sensor... Read more

Updating Camera Firmware

Manufacturers often offer free updates to camera software in order to improve their functionality and features
Updating Camera Firmware
Firmware is the software that makes your camera work. Think of it like the operating system that runs the internal computer. The camera manufacturer will occasionally offer updates to the firmware in order to introduce new features and make improvements to the camera—things like video frame rates, autofocus capabilities, image processing, operating... Read more

The Top Five Non-Camera Accessories That Should Be In Your Kit

Of course you need a camera, lenses, batteries and media. But what other gear should you consider essential?
Your go-to kit likely contains your cameras, lenses, batteries and media. But you never know what situations may arise in the studio or on the road. Adding these five accessories to your kit will make sure you’re prepared for almost anything.  Neutral Gray Card No matter how you set the white balance on your camera—be it auto, by Kelvin... Read more

Make Better Pictures In Snow

Camera techniques to create strong photos when winter blankets the world with snow
Last week, we talked about keeping yourself and your gear warm and dry when shooting outdoors in winter. But, once you’re well prepared to be comfortable and productive when shooting in snow, how do you go about, you know, actually making great photos? Here are some tips for making the most of the peculiar photographic opportunities that occur when... Read more

Winter Photography Do’s And Don’ts

Winter brings unique outdoor photography opportunities. It also requires a bit more forethought to keep photographer and equipment warm and dry.
I know it can be difficult to get out and take pictures this time of year when cold weather makes it much more comfortable to stay warm and dry indoors. But the payoffs for making the effort to get out and photograph outdoors in winter can be well worth it. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your equipment safe and warm when photographing outdoors... Read more

Better Compositions With Natural Framing

Shooting past foreground elements not only adds interest to a scene, it can add to the illusion of depth in a two-dimensional image as well
Better Compositions With Natural Framing
There are lots of compositional rules designed to help photographers create stronger, more interesting compositions that drive the viewer’s eyes directly to the center of interest. One of the simplest, most powerful and easiest of these to apply is natural framing. By identifying real-world objects that you can “shoot through” and incorporate... Read more

Fit One Filter To Several Lenses

Step-up rings affordably and easily adapt a single filter to fit lenses of different sizes
Fit One Filter To Several Lenses
Everybody loves buying new lenses, right? Well, maybe not laying out the cash investment in new glass, but certainly the enjoyment of using a new great lens. The only problem with adding a new lens to your arsenal, whether you’re switching camera systems or just adding a single prime to your existing kit, is that you need some other new accessories... Read more

Wintertime Portraits With Window Light

Stay warm this winter without sacrificing natural light by shooting beautiful portraits indoors
If you’re like me, you love the look of natural light portraiture. There’s a spontaneity and natural feel to it, and when it works well it looks absolutely beautiful. The problem is, for many of us across the U.S. winter isn’t conducive to shooting outdoors. We’re forced to move inside, where working with natural light gets trickier. Fear... Read more

New Features In Lightroom Classic CC

What you need to know to make the most of the new tools in Adobe’s Flagship for RAW file processing and image management
Adobe has added several new features to Lightroom Classic CC in the last few months, and the updates add some pretty cool functionality that makes it not only easier to work with images the way you want to, but more importantly to improve the results that are visible in your pictures. Here’s a look at the best of what’s new and how you can put it... Read more

New Year’s Resolutions For Photographers

Five things to resolve right now that will make this a great year to be a photographer
The year is still new and hopefully so is your resolve. If you haven’t yet made your own new year’s resolutions and you’re not looking to exercise more, eat right or spend more quality time with your family, consider making a few new year’s resolutions that might make you a better photographer. Here are five simple suggestions to help get you... Read more