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Macro Photography, Winter Style

How to get your close-up fix even in the dead of winter—whether you’re shooting outdoors, indoors or somewhere in between
Macro Photography, Winter Style
When folks think of macro photography, they often picture close-ups of blooming flowers and honeybees and all sorts of bright and sunny summer imagery. But winter can also be an ideal time to have fun with a macro lens—whether you feel like working indoors or out. Here are some suggestions for ways to work with a macro lens this winter, braving the... Read more

SEO For Photographers

Want to draw more eyes to your website? Try these tips to rank your website higher in Google search results.
SEO for photographers
Do you want people to find your photography website? Whether you’re displaying your images for fun or, more than likely, with the hopes of making a profit, it’s important to optimize your website so search engines will be more likely to return your site in the search results much earlier. The sooner you appear in that list, the better, because studies... Read more

Winter’s Here, Protect Your Gear!

Great ways to protect your camera equipment this winter and all year-round
winter photography
Winter weather can wreak havoc on expensive camera gear. When it comes to cold and moisture, even rugged camera equipment is fairly fragile. The kiss of death comes from moisture—whether that’s from rain, melting snow or condensation. Here are a few great ways to protect your gear in some popular precarious situations. In Transit Getting your gear... Read more

Five Tips For Improved Video Storytelling

How to discern if a potential subject has the right ingredients for a good visual story
video, videography
With so many photographers picking up on video thanks to its inclusion in so many cameras, there’s a lot of room for still shooters to learn the ins and outs of video. In a recent conversation with renowned travel shooter Bob Krist, the still photographer turned videographer explained that one of the biggest challenges for photographers learning video... Read more

Winter Evening Photography

Make the most of early sunsets with techniques for shooting magic hour light as well as after dark
winter photography
Sunset is very early this time of year, which makes this the perfect time to head out for dusk and after-dark shots in the late afternoon and evening. What sorts of things can you shoot without bright sunlight? Well, the same things you might shoot at midday—just with different techniques. Here are a few interesting ways to take advantage of winter’s... Read more

How To Ensure Bad Lighting

Follow this terrible advice, and you’ll always ensure your lighting will be subpar
photographic lighting
If you follow the bad lighting advice provided here, you’ll never get a shot like this, which was made using a north-facing window as a beautiful, soft key light that’s ideal for portraits. If poor quality lighting is your goal, from portraits to landscapes, here’s our advice for ensuring your lighting is never very good. Learn a lighting rule... Read more

Weigh Down Your Tripod To Make It More Stable

Many tripods have a simple, yet immensely useful feature hiding in plain sight
In the Digital Photo Tip of the Week, learn about a hidden feature of many tripods that allow them to weighed down for more stability
Why is there a hook on the bottom of my tripod? Do you know that your tripod likely has a little retractable hook at the bottom of its center column? Do you know why? If you answered “yes” to both questions, do you know the particulars about how to put this hook to use? Many professional-caliber tripods include a small hook beneath the center column... Read more

On-Axis Lighting

Three instances where placing a light source as close to the lens as possible makes for a great lighting look
lighting for photography
Plop a flash on top of your camera and start firing away, and you’re not likely to be accused of masterful lighting. I’ve always thought of an on-camera flash as dumping a bucket of light on a subject—not exactly the most nuanced lighting approach. But not all frontal illumination is quite so bad. In fact, sometimes full-frontal, on-axis lighting... Read more

How To Find A Stolen Camera

Track down your missing camera equipment thanks to EXIF metadata and a helpful website that puts it to use
find stolen cameras
Much like a private detective, there’s a high-tech service out there that can help you find your camera should it go missing. No, not if it’s missing under the couch, but if it has walked off somewhere at the hands of some unscrupulous thief. The service is called Stolen Camera Finder, and it’s free to try with just a small fee if you decide to... Read more

Shooting Portraits In Bright Sunlight

How to compose good portraits when faced with this awful lighting scenario
portrait photography
Have you found yourself in a situation where it’s the middle of the day, not a cloud in the sky, and somebody needs his or her portrait made outdoors in that bright sunlight? There are lots of opportunities where, for any number of reasons, postponing until the magic hour simply isn’t a reasonable proposition. Instead, it’s imperative that you... Read more

Upgrade Your Lighting Kit With A Boom Arm

This telescoping length of steel may not seem like a big deal, but it provides tremendous control and easy adjustments for even the most cumbersome light sources
boom arm
Cameras and lenses get all the front-page attention, and for good reason: They’re the sexiest, most innovative technologies we photographers typically use. But when it comes to studio equipment, sometimes it’s the less glamorous stuff that’s the most exciting. Well, if not exactly exciting, it’s at least the kind of stuff that makes a surprisingly... Read more

Generate Smiles With Photoshop’s Face-Aware Liquify Tool

A powerful solution for portrait photographers who want to make their subjects happy while helping them to look their best
Photoshop Face-Aware Liquify tool
About a year ago Adobe updated Photoshop CC to add some tremendous portrait retouching capabilities to the Liquify tool, namely, what Adobe’s designers call Face-Aware Liquify. Liquify, you may know, has always been useful for pushing and pulling and expanding and contracting and generally reshaping image elements. It’s such a powerful way to modify... Read more