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Eliminate Extra Lightroom Modules

eliminate extra Lightroom modules

If you’re anything like me, you tend to use Lightroom for a whole lot of your workflow, but you don’t take advantage of all the amazing things the application can do. For instance, I spend tons of time in Lightroom’s Library and Develop modules, but only occasionally do I make prints and step over to the Print module. And, though I use Lightroom every day, there are a few workspace modules I never use: Map, Book, Slideshow and Web. They’re valuable tools, for sure, and I’m positive that for plenty of people they’re essential parts of their workflow—just not mine.

And, since I’m always trying to de-clutter my digital life in an effort to streamline my workflow and cut my computer time, I decided to take advantage of the simple little tool that Lightroom includes for just such occasions and hide the modules I don’t use.

To do this, right-click anywhere on the list of workspace modules. (On Mac, Ctrl-click instead.) This brings up a pop-up list of the modules. By default, all of them are visible and all of them are checked. To hide a module from the menu, simply click its name. You’ll see it disappear immediately from the Lightroom window. Repeat as needed for additional modules.

Lightroom Modules

Don’t worry that you’re eliminating these modules completely; you’re just hiding them from the menu. Maybe you use these modules once in a while, or maybe down the road you’ll decide to spend time making books or utilizing the map. In those instances, you can always right-click the Module heading again and click to show the hidden modules. Or, simply use the Window drop-down menu to access the hidden modules at anytime.

Lightroom Modules

It may not seem like a big deal, but I find that eliminating unused portions of any software always helps to speed up my workflow. Even if it’s only a bit, when it’s an application you use on a daily basis, the smallest time saver can multiply into a huge advantage.

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