Data Protection On The Go

Data Protection On The Go


When you’re traveling and taking pictures, backing up your image files becomes even more important—as well as a bigger challenge. After all, you’re away from your home system and what’s hopefully a robust approach to backups you’ve put into place for every download. But when traveling, why risk losing your data if it’s only downloaded to one place—like a laptop hard drive? Instead, consider a portable external drive as a data failsafe while you’re on the road. Here are a few great options that make image backup easier when you’re on the road, whether your needs are simple and straightforward or fairly demanding and complex.

Sleek, Simple Backup

Data Protection On The Go

With transfer speeds up to 540 MB/s, the Seagate line of Fast SSD drives (that’s their name: Fast SSD) lives up to its billing. Compact and easily portable too, the drive is built for those who don’t want to be weighed down by a big drive when they’re on the go. Included software automatically monitors and mirrors any folder you establish on your hard drive, so when an image is imported to that folder on your laptop, for instance, it’s automatically duplicated on the Fast SSD drive. USB-C connectivity is ideal for users of new Macs, but backwards compatibility ensures the drives will work with older Macs and Windows machines as well. Available in 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB capacities and priced at $129, $199 and $399, visit for more information.

Rugged Protection

Data Protection On The Go

G-DRIVE makes its R series of mobile SSD drives, perfect for affordable, fast, high-capacity data backup for photographers traveling in treacherous situations. These well-made, ultra-compact drives feature IP67 water- and dust-resistance, as well as drop protection from as much as three meters and a 1,000-pound crushproof rating. If you’re the kind of photographer who might subject your drive to a climb, hike or ride out there in the elements, the added protection of G-DRIVE’s R series is sure to provide peace of mind. R series drives are available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB options, with a USB-C port for fast and efficient connectivity. Available from for $179, $349 and $749, respectively.

Portable RAID

Professional photographers and video shooters can’t afford to take risks with their data. There’s nothing more reassuring than a RAID drive array, which duplicates data across two or more drives. But RAIDs aren’t typically portable. The new PSZ-RA series of portable RAID drives from Sony provides fast data transfer capable of handling even 4K video, all in a rugged shockproof enclosure. With Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 connectivity, transfer times are up to 440 MB/s on both Mac and Windows systems, and these high-capacity drives are available in 4 TB and 6 TB options, each ensuring you’ll never run out of room, even after a full day of shooting 4K video. RAID modes including hardware RAID0, RAID1 or JBOD are all supported. Available at for an estimated retail price of $379 for the 4TB version, and $475 for the 6TB model.

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