Top 5 Guides To Becoming A Better Portrait Photographer

portrait photography

No matter what type of photography you prefer, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself shooting a portrait. These five guides feature tips and techniques to help you unlock your creative potential and capture fresh images in a new light.

1. Portraits: Keep It Real

portrait photography

When we see a good portrait, we know it. It gives us the sense of knowing the person. It gives us insight into that person. We want to know more. The lighting is interesting. The photo draws us in. It makes us feel something. It’s visually and aesthetically resonant. Above all, it’s authentic. Read More…

2. The One-Light Portrait

portrait photography

Annie Leibovitz has created some of the most iconic and unique editorial portraiture. As a self-taught photographer, I looked to her work time and time again for inspiration and motivation. I scoured the Internet for information on her lighting setups, equipment and methodology, but the more I dove in, the less concerned I became about equipment and the more I felt the need to simplify my style. Read More…

portrait photography

Picking The Perfect Lens For Portraiture

What makes a lens good for shooting portraits? Several factors come together to make an excellent portrait lens. First and foremost is the focal length, followed by optical design and speed, in particular. Here’s a selection of lenses to help you capture your subject. Read Now…

3. Street Portraits

portrait photography

There’s some debate about exactly what street photography is, and this debate also spills over into the realm of street portraiture. Many people insist that all street photography must be undirected, and the photographer should simply capture the event as it unfolds. While it’s great to be an outside observer capturing interesting, absurd, surreal or even banal scenes, sometimes it’s good to get out of the observer mode and actively participate in the scene. Read More…

4. 10 Keys To Unique Portraits

portrait photography

No matter what type of photography you like, at one point or another, you’ll find yourself shooting a portrait. We’ve all seen the cliché snapshots and boring group shots suffering from static, stiff poses. Creating compelling portraits takes a combination of relevant location, interesting light and good rapport with your subject. Read More…

5. The Unscripted Portrait

portrait photography

People as photographic subjects are often far too aware of the lens. Point a camera at them, and they automatically switch to smiling mode, a problem with which event and portrait photographers are all too familiar. Learn how to capture the “unscripted portrait,” in which portraits or candids seemingly appear as if they were taken off the cuff. Read More…

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