The Garage Studio

I remember walking into Bathhouse Studios in New York for the first time.

I remember walking into Bathhouse Studios in New York for the first time. Stretching out before me was 4,000 square feet of shooting space, including a 30-foot white cyclorama cove you could drive a Ferrari onto. One of New York’s premiere rental facilities, this massive studio (originally a bathhouse) was what photographers fantasized about.... Read more

Passion For Color

Learn to use color deliberately to evoke emotion and deepen the narrative of your images

I love color. I seek it out, and fill my frame with as much as possible. It’s a continual and consistent theme in my work. I like to be bold and playful with all the colors of the spectrum. The color within a photograph can draw the eye into the frame, evoke emotion and—depending on the subject matter and intention of the photographer—can... Read more

All About Scene Modes

Harness the power of your camera’s scene modes to make better pictures in any circumstances

Your camera’s Scene modes are for amateurs, right? Not really. Scene modes can be great shortcuts that allow even professionals to make some powerful changes with the flip of a single switch. Here’s what happens behind the scenes of each mode, and how you can put them to use in your own pictures. PORTRAIT MODE   PORTRAIT MODE When... Read more

Dream Worlds

Creating other-worldly images that blend Photoshop with film-based darkroom techniques

Ann Elliott Cutting carves out time from her busy schedule as a commercial assignment photographer to make the images that she’s inspired to make. For a photographer used to fulfilling the vision of editorial and advertising clients, it’s especially nice to be your own art director and pursue your own projects. Cutting’s personal projects... Read more

Still In Motion

If you recently went to the movies, watched TV or surfed YouTube videos, chances are good you’ve seen some time-lapse photography.

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Panoramic Action

Try Photoshop’s Photomerge to create some panoramic magic

Even though I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for 20 or so years, and have been teaching the program in my workshops for about 10, I’m still amazed by its capabilities. The opening image for this column is one example. I created it from six images taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon 24-105mm IS lens. I stitched the images together... Read more

The Beckoning Of Black & White

I was a film photographer long before—and even after—digital photography became mainstream.

I was a film photographer long before—and even after—digital photography became mainstream. Back then, I recall making careful decisions about the kind of film I would need to pack prior to each shoot. My photographic intention had to be deliberate, thought out and carefully planned. I had to make choices, both before the shoot and about what... Read more

One-Light Portraits

Learn how to use one light to capture incredible portraits
In portraiture, there’s a temptation for some photographers to use several lights, with the goal of creating a dramatic portrait. That can work, for sure. On the other hand, using only one light also can produce some awesome portraits. What’s more, it’s much easier to work with one light than with two or three lights. In this article,... Read more

The Big-Glass Effect

I remember my first big telephoto lens.

I remember my first big telephoto lens. I was living in a small cabin in Alaska, working as a mountaineering guide and living on a shoestring budget. I awoke many mornings to see moose wandering through my yard or sandhill cranes feeding nearby. My Nikon 80-200mm ƒ/2.8 lens was always attached to my camera, ready to go. I captured some nice moose images,... Read more


Use multiple exposures and light-painting techniques to create powerfully luminous images

If you devour Flickr and YouTube videos on photography, you probably know about the “paint with light” photography technique—it’s really more of a lighting technique. For anybody who hasn’t stumbled upon this unusual and inspiring form of photography previously, you’re in for a wild ride of discovery. During my own journey... Read more