Photo Exercise: Something You Collect

Every collection tells a story

There are numerous reasons why people collect objects. Some are interested in preserving memories and history, others are in search of the beautiful, odd and rare, and still others are motivated by value and investment. But despite the specifics, every collection tells a story about the collector and its contents, making collections fascinating subjects... Read more

Master The Meter

Improve your exposure accuracy with a handheld light meter

When the photography world made the switch from film to digital, one casualty of the conversion was the handheld light meter. Those LCDs on the backs of cameras made handheld meters (in the eyes of many, at least) obsolete. But in fact, there’s almost as much reason to use a handheld meter today as there ever was. For exposure accuracy and for... Read more

Photo Exercise: Afar

Leave room in the itinerary to wander off on your own

"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world." —Mary Anne Radmacher While our daily photo practice is mainly focused on capturing the beauty that is nearby and in our everyday lives, there are times when we will take our cameras further out into the world. Photography can help us connect with other cultures,... Read more

Land Of Ice And Snow

Gear and techniques for photographing glaciers and other “icescapes”

Glaciers and ice formations, with their unique and ever-changing shapes, patterns and textures, offer photographers wonderful photographic opportunities. Due to weather, terrain and reflections, they also offer photographers unique challenges. In this article, I’ll cover how to take advantage of those opportunities and how to deal with those challenges.... Read more


Capturing the pulse of urban life

Cities are full of photographic potential. Urban photography is a blend of city landscape, portraiture and street photography; it’s a genre all to itself that’s often gritty and beautifully abstract. Because of these combinations, your tourist or vacation images from the big city have the promise of carrying a style all their own. With urban... Read more

A Change Of Scenery

Inspiration comes in a departure from the ordinary

The benefits of travel are no great mystery. Much of the time, travel means vacation, and vacation means rest, relaxation, fun and festivities. Although some travel might be more obligatory, like a work trip, for instance, when we’re plucked out of our normal daily routine and plunked down into a new environment, inspiration can be found practically... Read more

Local Color

Tips for finding unique shots to add style to your travel portfolio

Tuning your eyes to an alternative view of your city or destination can be really fun. I like to look for colorful details in a new location, for unique portraits and capturing places from a different perspective when I’m traveling. Here are some of my favorite ways to add cheer and color to your travel photography. JUMP SHOTS! Finding a colorful... Read more

Pro Landscape Secrets

Step up your scenic photography with these key techniques

Ever since Ansel Adams, photographs of the natural landscape have inspired people and fired the imagination. Great landscape photos, however, don’t just happen by pointing your camera at pretty scenery. Instead, landscape pros use a number of techniques to make captivating images, bringing their subjects to life with composition, color and light. ... Read more

The 6 P’s Of Selling

Use these principles to create a solid foundation for your photo studio

Going from hobbyist to pro, or even part-time pro, is overwhelming, scary and, honestly, can take a stab at your self-esteem. After all, you’re about to embark on a journey to sell you—your art—and that’s deeply tied into your self-worth and what you stand for. And when the exchange of money comes into play, it ups the stakes even more. What’s... Read more

Photo Exercise: Something You Made

Tell the story of a handmade item with context and detail

When we make something with our own hands, we not only feel great satisfaction, but we also bring more beauty into the world. All the care and attention we put into what we make is a form of love, and that love makes everything look and taste better. As photographers, we like to make images. We find the elements, we stage them, we frame and compose,... Read more