Photo Experience

Classes, tours and workshops offer valuable instruction and insights to sharpen your skills

Whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced pro, there’s always something new to learn in photography. Practice is essential, learning through trial and error, but you can fast-track your improvement by interacting with other photographers, sharing difficulties and successes, and getting feedback from expert instructors. Whether you... Read more

Seeing The Light

A primer on contrast, direction, quality, color, intensity and movement
We all want to get the very best in-camera exposure, and a good exposure is all about correctly capturing light, the main element in every photograph. That said, your idea of the best exposure might be different from mine because, for one reason, you may prefer photographs that are a little darker or lighter than I prefer. The first step in capturing... Read more

Street Portraits

Mixing the spontaneity of candid street photography with the goals of portraiture

There’s some debate about exactly what street photography is, and this debate also spills over into the realm of street portraiture. Many people insist that all street photography must be undirected, and the photographer should simply capture the event as it unfolds. While it’s great to be an outside observer capturing interesting, absurd,... Read more

Exploring Fall Colors

Capturing the essence of autumn and the change of seasons

Image of raindrops on a windshield
We come inside with dewy shoes and arms full of firewood. The air shifts, the leaves fall, and the farm stands are full of crimson, browns and orange. The cooler wet weather creeps in; we light the first fire in the wood stove and walk slowly into autumn. Welcome to fall in New England. Through the early-morning fog, we drive past ponds where mist rises;... Read more

Stranger In A Strange Land

When we travel, either to the other side of the world or to the other side of the country, making good people pictures can be a rewarding experience.

When we travel, either to the other side of the world or to the other side of the country, making good people pictures can be a rewarding experience. Yes, that experience comes with some challenges, but it’s pictures of people that make slideshows and web galleries come alive. Strong portraits, pictures with impact, can also be showstoppers on... Read more

Liquid Landscapes

Create evocative images from watery surfaces

Reflections are the beauty of a childhood imagined. The daydream of life captured in a flash of sunlight and sea sparkle. I dig turning the world on its end, diving inside and outside to peek beneath and beyond the ordinary world I face every day. The dreaminess of a reflection aptly resembles the many layers that life hands us. Nothing is as it seems,... Read more

Photographing Architecture

Tips for making pro-quality images of iconic buildings when traveling

Whether your destination is close to home or across the globe, vacation travel presents a chance to photograph interesting architecture. Longtime pro John Linden shares his suggestions for making the most of this unique opportunity. GEAR "On holiday," Linden says, "you don’t want the camera to get in your way. Carry a camera you’re... Read more

The Great American Camping Trip

So begins certainly one of my favorite parts of the experience: capturing it all through my lens.

Whenever I think about "travel photography," I think of images of sunsets on a tropical island, unusual yet enticing foods placed on platters over vibrant textiles, cobblestone streets flanked by ancient architecture and, of course, the compelling candid shots of the local people. The whole "idea" of travel and the photography that... Read more

The Painterly Portrait

While studying the painting, I observed the shadow and highlight areas of the painting, as well as the highlights on the girl’s hair and arms.

My guess is that most readers of Digital Photo don’t rent a studio for thousands of dollars a month and don’t have thousands of dollars invested in studio lighting equipment. Me, neither! That, however, doesn’t stop me, and shouldn’t stop you from making studio-quality images. All you need is basic lighting equipment, an understanding... Read more

Lighting For Success

Three simple, classic portrait lighting setups that will generate income

When I first started out in my photography career, I shot a lot of different jobs. One day I might be shooting ice climbers, the next day snapping shots of cheesecake dripping in chocolate and the next day photographing moose for a visitor bureau. During this time I started shooting portraits, and I quickly realized there was a steady flow of business... Read more