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Our Top 5 Most Popular Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography tips and tricks continue to be perennial favorites of readers
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Portrait photography tips, tutorials and how-tos continue to be some of the most popular stories on Digital Photo and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re shooting with a smartphone or a top-of-the-line digital camera with interchangeable lenses, capturing memorable portraits of friends, family, and models is one of the best things about photography.

To help you further improve your people picture-taking skills, we’ve gathered together some of the most popular portrait photography tips stories to appear on Digital Photo in the last 12 months. Below is a rundown of the top five, including everything from how to pick the right lens for portraits to how to start a portrait photography business.

Click the headline or link below the excerpt to read the full portrait photography tip. You can see a rundown of the top 10 photography tips overall on Digital Photo here.

#1 How to Pick the Perfect Lens for Portraits

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Several factors combine to make a lens perfect for portrait photography—focal length, optical design and speed, in particular. Read the full portrait photography tip here.

#2 How to Light for White Background Portraits

Photo for white background portrait tip


One of the most popular requests I get from portrait clients is to photograph them in front of a white background. It’s for good reason, too. Read the full portrait photography tip here.

#3 The Simplest Posing Trick

Photo for posing tip

Photographers are often faced with a challenge when photographing people: portrait posing. There’s one simple thing to help subjects look more natural. Read the full portrait photography tip here.

#4 How to Light for Skin Tones

Photo for skin tone tip

How to make skin look great with subtle changes to the position and quality of the light source—whether that’s a strobe or sunlight or anything in between. Read the full portrait photography tip here.

#5 How to Build a Portrait Photography Business

Photo for photography business tip

Start your own portrait photography business with these practical suggestions, plus tips for posing your subjects in flattering ways. Read the full portrait photography tip here.


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