Liquid Landscapes

Reflections are the beauty of a childhood imagined. The daydream of life captured in a flash of sunlight and sea sparkle. I dig turning the world on its end, diving inside and outside to peek beneath and beyond the ordinary world I face every day.

The dreaminess of a reflection aptly resembles the many layers that life hands us. Nothing is as it seems, I say. And so I gaze into puddles, searching for other dimensions. Through reflection, two worlds break free to become one. Two selves connect at the ankle while standing in a cold New England puddle. It’s more than just an inverted image; it’s the eye with which you view the world.

Photography is equal parts abstract art and truthful storytelling. Reflections provide creative inspiration because they force photographers to slow down and really view all angles of their surroundings. You can happen upon a reflective body of water during a photo-walk, but you must create the image to make it striking.

Turning my world into something surreal and obviously obscure has become a favorite way of seeing. I take pleasure in tweaking my reality by creating liquid landscapes and reflective portraits. I let the watery surface speak for me. My surroundings and the people I photograph take on an otherworldly quality. Is it simply because, in the final image, they’re upside down? I believe there’s more to it than that. Composition is key. Details are crucial.

Reflections become windows into our minds. Like paint on canvas, it’s a glimpse of a loved one, abstracted, but still true. It’s a set of new eyes for familiar or commonplace surroundings. The results can be truthful, yet still remain masked.

When setting out to create a liquid landscape, keep in mind the weather. Shooting in inclement weather is fun, but wind and heavy rain will make finding reflective surfaces more difficult.


Tips For Best Results

1 | A calm day is ideal. Winds will create ripples on the surface of water, which isn’t always a good thing. An important aspect of creating a mirror of reality isn’t just an interesting subject, but a crisp and clear reflection. This means no wind.

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