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Improve Portrait Photos With A Quick Positioning Trick

By adjusting the subject and having them lean at their hips, you can make their chin and neck line look better

We often see portraits with a rounded, unflattering crinoline, but it’s easy to improve portrait photography tremendously with a quick trick.

Improve Portrait Photos By Bending

Photographer Peter Hurley and many others tell portrait photographers to instruct their subjects to stick their chin out. When someone sticks their chin out, they elongate the area under their chin and therefore make their jaw line look better when it comes to taking a portrait. So in order to take it one step further without making your subject visually uncomfortable, you can also tell them to bring their chin down just a tad. But then what do you after that?

Here’s a tip: when the chin can’t be moved any more and you’re shooting a relatively tight portrait, have your subject lean forward from the hips. It’s important to not do this from the back–have them keep their back straight because otherwise this can throw off placement of the shoulder and the chest, and roll the chin down. So instead, make it also like the equivalent of bending down a bit from the hips; but instead just bringing the body forward a tad.

What this effectively does is brings the chin and neck down even more. These photos of Byron from our colleagues at Sony Mirrorless Pro show this off perfectly.

portrait photo with subject leaning forward portrait photo with subject leaning forward

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