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How to Make Anyone Look Taller in Photos

4 ways to elongate the body during portrait shoots
Photo of how to look taller in photos

It’s one of the more common requests by people who are about to be photographed: “Can you make me look taller in this photo?” Fortunately, because photographers have heard this question time and again from their subjects – alongside “Can you make me look slimmer?” “Can you get rid of my double chin?” etc. – they’ve come up with a few quick tricks to please their clients in this regard.

Professional swimwear, fashion and portrait Anita Sadowska thinks there’s absolutely nothing wrong with models who are slightly shorter, and, in fact, she enjoys photographing them as much as taller people. But she does realize there’s a desire to be presumed taller in photos so in the below video she explains how to accentuate height in-camera.

“Today I will be showing you tips on how to elongate your models in photos,” Sadowska says in the clip at the bottom of this story. “Today’s model is Khaliic. She’s 5-4 [in height] and I personally love shooting with girls that are shorter. I see nothing wrong with it and I think it looks great. However, I know a lot of people always try to look taller and they are not sure how to go about it. So, I just wanted to show you a few tips that I do that help me elongate my subject.”

#1 Camera Angles

Photo of camera angles


“The first and most important thing is definitely camera angles,” she explains. “It is so important to consider where you camera is in relation to your subject to make them look as elongated as possible. For me to achieve that, I always shoot from below. I always make sure that I’m looking up towards the model. It always elongates her legs really nicely. It makes them look so much longer and leaner. ”

#2 Focal Length

Photo of focal length

“The second very important thing that is very overlooked, in my opinion, is your focal length. I think it’s so important to choose your focal length wisely because it will all depend on how your model looks in photos. For example, whenever I have a subject who looks a bit shorter, I will always aim to shoot on 24 to 35mm and shooting from down below as mentioned. It will elongate your model so much. When you’re shooting at 24 or 28mm though you have to be very careful because there’s going to be quite a bit of distortion. You want to make sure you’re shooting from below with her legs closest to the camera.”

#3 Posing

Photo of posing taller tips


“The next thing that is super important for me is her leg placement and posing. Always place the legs as close to the camera bottom as possible. It really elongates them and makes them look much leaner and the top of the body looks smaller. Often I’ll get my model cross her legs and have one foot in front of the camera more than the other.”

#4 Elevate

Photo of elevate

“Finally, if you are in a situation where you don’t have a lower focal length and you don’t relaly know what to do, a great idea is to put your subject somewhere higher up from the ground. It always helps because then you can shoot from below with a higher focal length and still achieve elongated results.”

If you want to learn more about Anita Sadowska and see more of her work, check out this interview we did with her on Digital Photo Pro, which was one of DPP’s most popular stories of 2021.


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