Digital Photo’s Top 10 Photography Tips, Tricks & How-To Stories from the Past Year

Photography tips and photo how-tos were some of the most popular stories on Digital Photo’s website over the past year proving that readers were looking to learn more in 2020. So, with 2021 just beginning, we thought a good way to kick off the new year would be to spotlight the photo how-tos that were the absolute favorites of readers over the past 12 months.

As you’ll see in our top ten list below, the photography tips and tricks stories that received the most traffic on Digital Photo in 2020 covered a range of topics: everything from a specific Photoshop tip on how to save an image with a transparent background, to a more general guide with five classic lighting recipes. And as you’ll notice, quite a few of these tips are “evergreens,” appearing on the site for the first time prior 2020 but still drawing significant recent attention. While photography has changed a lot in recent years, there are some lessons that never grow old!

Click on a headline or the link below the excerpt to read the full photography tip.

#1 Save An Image with A Transparent Background
Screenshot of transparent background tip
How to use Photoshop to save a photo with a transparent background for use online. Read the full photography tip here.


#2 Don’t Shoot on Green Screen
Image of green screen effect on a photo
Why photographers should not use green screens when shooting for composites. Read the full photography tip here.


#3 For Outdoor Portraits Aim Your Camera at The Sun!
Image of photo with fill light

Put the sun at your subject’s back for improved outdoor portraits. Read the full photography tip here.


#4 Five Classic Lighting Recipes

Image with lighting photo recipe

Five tried-and-true lighting styles for effective portraits. Read the full photography tip here.


#5 How to Make Digital Contact Sheets
Image of digital contact sheets

Five techniques for making photographic proof sheets. Read the full photography tip here.


#6 Make Digital Photos Look Like Film
Image showing how to make digital look like film

Three simple things that add an authentic film look to digital image files. Read the full photography tip here.


#7 Setting Image Size and Quality In-Camera
Image showing how to set image size on your camera

What you need to know to set your camera to the right file type, size and compression level. Read the full photography tip here.


#8 My Camera Displays an “L” When I Try to Change the Aperture
Screen showing L error on camera

Can’t adjust your f/stop due to an “L” error on your camera? Here’s why. Read the full photography tip here.


#9 Identifying and Repairing Banding
Photos showing banding in an image

Eliminate this artifact that renders continuous tones and gradations in a blotchy manner. Read the full photography tip here.


#10 Control Your Camera with A Smartphone
Photo showing how to use a smartphone to control a camera

A wireless camera trigger that enables exposure adjustments and provides a live view from the palm of your hand. Read the full photography tip here.