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Breaking Habits

It’s very easy to develop habits and get stuck in a photographic rut. This process can be so gradual that you may not even realize or notice that you’re stagnating creatively. Your pictures can look perfectly fine, but you may have stopped growing and advancing as a photographer without even knowing it.

The key to keep growing as a photographer is not only to learn new methods of taking photographs, but also to be careful not to use the techniques that you already know excessively. You don’t need to completely stop using the techniques that you like—sometimes using your favorite techniques with more subtlety is all that needs to be done.

I’ve picked out a few of the most common methods of shooting that I’ve noticed many photographers have become locked into using, from the newest amateurs to seasoned professionals (including myself). Identifying these habits and trying something new will lead to a much more diversified body of work.

…I like to break out the macro lens and experiment with abstractions using everyday objects and different tools like off-camera f lash.


Some folks like to photograph f lowers, some prefer birds, portraits, landscapes, macro, sports, architecture, and on and on.


Get out there and challenge yourself by expanding your horizons. Changing up your subject matter can open up your mind to new and possibly more inventive techniques that may also be applicable to your preferred subject matter.

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