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8 Photography Tips in Just Two Minutes that Will Quickly Improve Your Images

Get inspired and try something new with your photography this weekend
Screen shot of photo tips in two minutes

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial that should give you some great ideas to improve your photography this weekend. In the below video, photographer Sawyer Hartman shares eight photo tips in just two minutes to get your creative juices going.

“Want to improve in photography but have no clue where to begin?” Hartman asks. “This is how to actually improve at photography in just 120 seconds.”

Hartman’s tips come at you fast and furious in the video, which is less than 2.5 minutes long total, and while not every piece of advice might be right for you, there’s are some great takeaways for beginners, advanced amateurs, and even photo enthusiasts. Here are the eight tips he demonstrates in the tutorial.

Tip #1: Switch Picture Profile to B&W
“By taking color out of the equation,” Hartman says, “you’ll learn to focus in on the important elements of photography like lighting, composition and framing.”

Tip #2: Limit Yourself to 7 Photos a Day
“This is how you’ll actually learn to make every photo count literally. Your photos will feel more valuable and important to you and thus that importance will come through in the final image.”

Tip #3: Cover Your Viewfinder and Shoot Blind
“Become the Bob Ross of photography and introduce yourself to the world of happy accidents. Try angles most people wouldn’t think of.”

Tip #4 Get Weird with Your Edits
“Instead of editing what you think people will like on Instagram, try using color temperatures and editing techniques to convey a sense of emotion like sadness or joy.”

Tip #: Interesting Props = Interesting Photos
“Next time you feel creatively stuck look around you for the strangest possible object you can find. Pick it up, hand it to someone and make it work.”

Tip #6: Take More Self Portraits
“Self-portraits allow you to slow down and really think about your photographs. And they’re also a great way to learn how to start shooting on manual.”

Tip #7: Get Inspired & Stay Inspired
“Spend some time every day looking at actual art not just social media art. Collect your favorites and make an inspo board of the things that actually inspire you. This way you’re inspired by a style and not an individual photograph.”

Tip #8: Keep One Camera & One Lens with You at All Times
“You have chosen the camera as your weapon of choice for this life so keep it with you and keep it ready to go at all times. If you’re serious about getting better at shooting, you shoot more. It’s as simple as that.”

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