7 Lighting Solutions For Photo And Video

Cross-lighting by Tom Bol

Beautiful light is critical in creating an impressive image. Digital Photo shares these pro tips and techniques for illuminating your compositions, plus reviews of lighting tools to help you get the shot.

1. Cross-Lighting

Cross-lighting by Tom Bol

The silver bullet of lighting can solve some difficult photographic problems, as it allows photographers to change light angles and modifiers for limitless options in lighting effects. Read More…

2. Lit Up

Available Light - Golden Magic Hour

How to create exceptional images using all kinds of available light, from golden hour to midday sun to artificial light. Read More…

3. Light Adds Up

photography lighting tips

Learn how the additive quality of light impacts metering and lighting ratios, so you can light your subjects for your desired look. Read More…

photographic lighting

How To Ensure Bad Lighting

If you follow these rules, you’ll be sure to make unattractive, unappealing pictures time after time. Or, of course, you could always do the opposite of this terrible advice and come up with some beautifully lit images. Read Now…

4. Photography By Bike With A Good Light

lighting for photography

With the Lustra 50, PRL has figured out LEDs so photographers don’t have to. Read More…

5. Interfit Honey Badger Strobe

Interfit Honey Badger strobe

A tough, lightweight and powerful strobe/head lighting solution. Oh, and it’s bright yellow. Read More…

6. Westcott Basics LED

Westcott Basics LED

An inexpensive and portable light that may be the ideal solution for many photographers. Read More…

7. DIY High-Power Video Or Still Light For Under $200

LED lighting solutions

We’re always looking for ways to save time and money in the studio, so we set out to see if we could create a low-budget but powerful lighting solution for photography and videography. Check out our how-to video. Read More…

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