5 Top Guides To Becoming A Better Macro Photographer

macro photography
Are you interested in exploring macro photography? It doesn’t take too much expertise to make creative images of the world that exists just outside our perception. These guides will help you get started.

1. Introduction To Macro

macro photography

Imagine a land ruled by giant eight-eyed creatures the size of a car with long translucent fur, colorful stripes and purple iridescent fangs. Imagine a land where huge balls of glistening water fall from the sky and cling to every surface, magnifying and refracting sunlight. There’s a way to go there without even leaving your backyard, and you can bring your camera! Read More…

2. Shoot Stunning Flower Images

macro photography

Photographers often don’t know how to approach flowers and macros in a creative way that will show the true beauty of their floral models. Follow these tips, and an entire arena of creative possibilities will open for you in the world of a single flower. Read More…

Digital Photo Editors Choice Awards

Digital Photo’s 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

Take a look at our picks for the best photographic gear of the last year, from cameras and lenses to software and camera bags and more, including Canon’s new series of tilt-shift lenses for macro photography—the TS-50mm F/2.8L Macro, TS-90mm F/2.8L Macro and TS-135mm F/2.8L Macro. Read Now…

3. Macro Photography Techniques

macro photography

Macro photography is a passport to a world of details and new perspectives. It’s also one of the most challenging types of photography to master, but don’t let that stop you. With the right lens, camera support, lighting accessories and practice, you can take incredible macro photos. Read More…

4. Go Macro

macro photography

So you want to dive head-first into the great big world of photographing little bitty things? That’s great, because macro photography is interesting, fun and rewarding, and it doesn’t take too much expertise to make awesome images right off the bat. Read More…

5. Optics For Macro

macro photography

Want to try exploring the miniature worlds accessible through close-up photography? There are options for every budget, from premium lenses specially designed for macro work, to relatively inexpensive extension tubes and close-up lenses. Here are the basics to know about each option. Read More…

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