5 Top Fall Photography Guides

fall photography
Telluride, Colorado. Photo by Rick Sammon

From tips and techniques for capturing fall color to shooting autumn sports like football to gear for outdoor adventures, this guide will help you navigate the season (and beyond).

1. Exploring Fall Colors

fall photography

We come inside with dewy shoes and arms full of firewood. The air shifts, the leaves fall, and the farm stands are full of crimson, browns and orange. The cooler wet weather creeps in; we light the first fire in the wood stove and walk slowly into autumn. Welcome to fall in New England. Read More…

2. How To Photograph Football

fall photography

Fall is here, and for a lot of us, fall means football. If you’d like to try your hand at photographing football—whether it’s a Pee Wee league, high school or the NFL—here are five great tips from professional photographer Dilip Vishwanat who covers football for clients like Sports Illustrated, Getty Images and USA Today. Read More…

Digital Photo Editors Choice Awards

Digital Photo’s 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards

Take a look at our picks for the best photographic gear of the last year—from cameras and lenses to software and camera bags and more—and find new imaging tools to help you capture your fall photography (and beyond). Read Now…

3. 10 Lessons For Shooting Your Best Landscape Photographs

fall photography

Landscape photography can be great fun, but when we get back home and look at our images on our computers, we sometimes ask ourselves, “What was I thinking?” or, “How did I make that mistake?” It’s difficult to capture a truly moving landscape, we often end up with little more than a snapshot of a place, one that fails to capture the beauty and the grandeur of nature. Read More…

4. Focus On The Details

fall photography

Photography is a powerful tool. We wield our cameras with the possibility to share a different perspective of the world. In this day of instant everything, I find myself taking a majority of daily photos with my smartphone. This little device has become a great resource for documentation, and it often acts as a lifeline for keeping me present in the moment as an everyday photographer. Read More…

5. Gearing Up For The Great Outdoors

fall photography

There’s nothing quite so invigorating as being outdoors, and no better place to be motivated to take great images than when surrounded by the splendor of nature. From sunsets to surfers, the variety of outdoor subjects available is nearly limitless, and when you’re done photographing everything on God’s Green Earth, you can point your camera upward and master astrophotography. Read More…

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