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5 Incredible Photography Tricks in 150 Seconds

These crazy photo ideas should help spark your creativity
Photo of crazy photography tricks

If you’re looking for something to spark your photo creativity, check out the latest tutorial from Kyle Nutt below. As usual, Nutt shares some incredible photography tricks you can try yourself either with a smartphone or a dedicated camera.

Like Nutt’s previous long exposure tutorial that we shared in January, the video below doesn’t include any talking, just his fun demonstrations of how to perform the tricks yourself. Here’s a rundown of the five crazy photo ideas, which he shows you in full in the 2.5-minute video at the bottom of this story.

Trick #1: Levitating Portal

Photo of levitating portal

Have your subject lie on their back on a stool. For shot 1, shoot a long exposure at night while shaking a handheld light above your subject. For shot 2, remove the stool and subject and shoot the scene again. Combine the two shots to create the levitating portal effect.

Trick #2: Color Reveal

Photo of color reveal

Have your subject paint their hand in a black-and-white color scheme. Cut out the eyes of a life-size black-and-white portrait of your subject. Have them hold the portrait in front of their face with their B&W-painted hand. Snap a photo showing their face and eyes peering through the cut-out to reveal the color of the subject.

Trick #3: Puzzle Sky

Photo of puzzle sky

Cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of a puzzle piece and paint it black. Create another puzzle piece from a mirror. Have your subject stand on a ladder holding the reflective mirror puzzle piece. Mount the black puzzle piece on a stick and hold it above the mirror piece and capture a photo. For shot 2, remove the black piece. Combine the two images to make it look like your subject is fitting a puzzle piece into the sky.

Trick #4: Door Portal

Photo of door portal

Build a door frame prop and place it out in a field at dusk. Illuminate the frame and have your subject pose as if walking through. Snap a photo. Capture a sunset for shot 2 and then combine the two images to make it appear as if your subject is walking through the door into a sunset.

Trick #5: Astronaut in the Ocean

Photo of astronaut in ocean

Dress your subject in an astronaut uniform and have them stand in the ocean. Photograph them holding an illuminated orb for shot 1. For shot 2, capture a long exposure while moving a light around the orb. Combine the two to make it look like your subject is holding a tiny planet.

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