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5 Fun Mobile Photography Tricks to Try Today

Capture unbelievable images with your smartphone
Photo of mobile photography tricks

Mobile photography tricks you can do with your smartphone are popular with Digital Photo readers so here’s another fast and fun tutorial with more image ideas. Coming to us from Jordi Koalitic, the video below features five photo tricks you can perform with your mobile phone.

As usual with Koalitic’s tutorials, the video below has no narration, just spirited demonstrations of the smartphone photo ideas set to a punchy musical soundtrack. The video is also less than two minutes long so if you miss anything the first time, make sure to go back and take some notes.

While the tricks are relatively easy to duplicate, they require a few props. Here’s a rundown of the five mobile photo ideas shown in the video at the bottom of this post. If you’re looking for more fun photo advice, check out our tutorial from last week with five incredible photography tricks in just 150 seconds.

Trick #1: Rainbow Watering Can

Photo of mobile photography trick

Create a watering can prop with a simulated rainbow coming from the spout. Photograph a model in front of a building holding the prop so the sunlight produces a colorful shadow of the scene. Then remove the prop and photograph the model again using panorama mode on your smartphone. Blend the two images together during post-processing.

Trick #2: Lake Swing

Photo of mobile photography trick

Position your model on a stool near a lake. Create a prop with chains dangling that your model holds while swinging their legs toward the lake. Capture an image near sunset using the wide-angle lens on your smartphone to make it appear the person is on a swing in front of the lake.

Trick #3: Standing on Leaves

Photo of mobile photography trick

Place dried leaves on top of a glass table and then lie underneath with your smartphone. Snap a photo of your model standing on the table holding an umbrella using the wide-angle lens on your phone.

Trick #4: Shadows Holding Hands

Photo of mobile photography trick

Photograph a couple holding hands in the street so that it produces a shadow of the scene. Capture a second shot of the couple not holding hands using the panorama mode. Blend the two images together during post-processing so it appears the shadow is holding hands but the couple is not.

Trick #5: Grim Reaper Shadow

Photo of mobile photography trick

Spray paint a scary face on a wall. Photograph someone holding a scythe over their shoulder so that their shadow is reflected on the wall in front of the scary face. It will appear that that the shadow has the scary face.

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