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5 Easy Poses to Make People Look Like Models

Help make your subjects look "fierce" with these go-to poses
Photo of model poses

You don’t need to be a model to look like one. All you need is a photographer who knows how to pose subjects so they look “fierce.”

In the below video, pro photographer and YouTuber Manny Ortiz shares his five “go-to poses” to make people look like models in portraits. Ortiz’s posing advice can be applied to regular folks or you can keep these five poses “in your back pocket” if you’re fortunate enough to get to photograph a professional model.

“Sometimes the pressure can get to you while on location and these basic poses can help you when you run out of ideas,” Ortiz says. “These are very basic but effective poses when you are struggling with posing on location. I recommend you memorize at least five of them. What also helps is practicing in the mirror yourself. It will help you understand the direction you will need to give the model when asking them to pose.”

#1 The “L” Pose

“We call this the ‘L pose’ because I make an L shape so one arm goes across the top of the belly and the other one goes up under the chin,” Ortiz explains. “You want the back arm to be the arm that’s up. It’s a very versatile pose.”

#2 One Up, One Down

“Don’t overthink this one. It’s just one hand up, one hand down. It’s like having one hand near your hair or just somewhere on your upper body and one hand down by your pocket or even on your leg.”


#3 Over the Shoulder

“Looking over your shoulder, tippy-toeing, elongates the body a little bit. That’s when I would shoot from a lower angle.”

#4 Hands in Hair

“Having [your subject] play with their hair and taking a lot of pictures, you’re going to get some really nice, natural-looking photos of them. And that’s why I like doing that one.”

#5 Slow-Mo Walk

“Dragging the feet while walking or walking into a shot while looking backwards creates the slow-mo walk look. It almost looks like they’re walking.”


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