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4 Fun Camera Hacks for Portraits

Try these cool photo tricks to add creative effects to your images
Photo of camera hacks

Camera hacks are fun little photography tricks you can do to add some creative effects to your images. Typically, these photo hacks involve adding an image modifying prop to the picture-taking process.

In the below tutorial, photographer Tatyana Zadorin shares four camera hacks that you specifically can use for portraits. Her video, which we have embedded at the bottom of this post, is mostly a visual tutorial showing each of these hacks and the photos that you can take with them.

Here’s a rundown of the four camera hacks for portraits with sample images taken from the video. Go to the bottom of this post to watch whole thing and then try these portrait tricks today.

#1 Cellophane Wrap

Photo of cellophane camera hack

Cut a piece of cellophane paper and wrap it around the front of your lens. The crinkles of the cellophane will cause light to refract and produce colorful lens flare-like effects to your portraits.

#2 Markers on Glass

Photo of magic marker hack

Use colored magic markers to draw on a piece of a piece of glass or plexiglass. Shoot through the colored glass to add color and texture to your portraits.

#3 Wet Glass

Photo of wet glass camera hack


Spray glass or plexiglass so droplets cover it. Then shoot through the glass to create a wet window on a rainy day effect for your portrait.

#4 String Lights

Photo of string lights camera hack

Attach colored string lights to the front of your camera so they extend toward your subject. Have the person you are photographing put the end of the string lights through their hand and place their hand below their face. This will create a fun glowing effect around your subject’s face.


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