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21 Fun Photography Tricks to Try Today

Get your photos noticed with these head-turning camera hacks
Photo of photo tricks

We love showcasing fun photography tricks that help you easily add some striking effects to your images. One photographer we turn to again and again for these cool camera hacks is Kyle Nutt who, in the below video, shares the following 21 creative photo ideas to try today.

Watch below to see these simple but effective tricks in action. You can see his earlier story with “five amazing long exposure photography tricks” here, and five more of his cool camera hacks here.

Trick #1: Use a Stool to “Walk” on Water

Place a stool just below the waterline of a lake or pool. Have your subject stand on it and they will appear to be walking on the water.

Trick #2: Use Smoke Bomb on a Skateboard

Tape a colored smoke bomb to the back of a skateboard and have your subject skate around. This will make it look like they’re skating on a rocket powered skateboard.

Trick #3: Sit in Car to Capture Vehicles/Motocross

Sit in the back of a moving car and photograph someone following behind you in another vehicle or motorcycle. This creates a realistic head-on angle to capture a vehicle in motion.


Trick #4: Get Creative with Colors

Create a colorful painted backdrop to place behind an object for a dynamic still life or product photo.

Trick #5: Spider-Man

Attach string to the fingertips of someone in a Spider-Man costume. Wrap the string around the front of the camera so it looks like Spider-Man is shooting into the viewer.

Trick #6: Use Puddles to Create Creative Reflections

Put your camera on the ground next to a puddle. Shoot toward the puddle to capture what it is reflecting.

Trick #7: Use Flower Petals

Place flower petals around a couple lying on the ground or a bed for a romantic portrait.


Trick #8: Use Colored Powder

Throw colored powder behind your subject while photographing them at a very fast shutter speed to freeze the powder in mid-air.

Trick #9: Ask Strangers to Model

Ask strangers to model and photograph them using some of the previous tricks to create a fun, spontaneous portrait.

Trick #10: Use Phone as Reflection for Neon Signs

Put a phone’s screen next to your subject’s face while photographing them near a neon sign. The neon lights will reflect off the phone to create a vibrant portrait.

Trick #11: Try Shooting Close Up

When shooting portraits of one or two people, get in close to emphasize particular features and details in faces.


Trick #12: Shoot Through Posters

Shoot from a low angle under a poster frame with clear plastic covering the hole. Have the subject drop small objects down onto you as you photograph them. A higher aperture will keep the falling objects in focus to create a cool, avalanche effect.

Trick #13: Recreate Famous Characters

Have your subject dress up like famous characters and photograph them in a scene such as the headless horseman. Perfect for Halloween!

Trick #14: Use Fire

Photograph people in front of a fire wearing reflective sunglasses. The sunglasses will catch the fire’s reflection for a striking portrait.


Trick #15: Use Bubbles

Blow bubbles and then photograph people surrounded by them.

Trick #16: Use a Mirror

Photograph people from different angles next to a mirror for interesting reflective portraits.

Trick #17: Take Photos of Family

Take creative portraits of family member that you and they will cherish forever.

Trick #18: Use a Knife for Camera Reflection

Place a knife beside someone’s face and then photograph them close up to produce an interesting reflection.

Trick #19: Use Water to Add More Elements to the Photo

Expanding on the knife reflection idea above, add a splash of water to the scene and shoot at a fast shutter speed to freeze the droplets.


Trick #20: Use Fruit as Props

Give you subject some fun fruit slices to hold to add zest to a portrait.

Trick #21: Use Plastic Bag for Hazy/Retro Look

Place a plastic bag over the lens and shoot through it for a hazy, soft focus portrait look.

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